‘Ready For It?’: Decoding Taylor Swift’s new video

(CNN)Remember when Taylor Swift told us in her last video that the old Taylor was dead?

Well, apparently, she’s been reborn as a cyborg.
The video for Swift’s new single “Ready For It?” dropped Friday. “Swifties” were definitely ready for it.


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Her fans were so ready, in fact, many have already tried to decode the “Blade Runner:-esque video for visual clues and hidden meanings.
Here’s a breakdown of some popular theories:

Shout-outs to her new beau?

Over Swift’s shoulder at one point in the video, there is graffiti on a wall reading “89” and “91.”
Some fans thought immediately of Swift’s birth year and the title of her last album, both of which are “1989.”
But, wait for it, her reported boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, was born in 1991.
It gets even deeper y’all.
One Swift observer notes that the singer punches in the number “21” on a keypad, while another noticed the keypad had the “2” above the “6.”
Alwyn was born on February 21 and he is, you guessed it, 26 years old.

Love for her director

Joseph Kahn is a frequent collaborator of Swift’s, having directed several of her videos.
Kahn, who is Korean American, tweeted that “Half the video is in Chinese.”
“SWIFTIES: we got this,” he added, referencing the nickname for the singers fans.
One Twitter user spotted Kahn’s first name written in Chinese.
Another swore she glimpsed his name with a halo scrawled on the wall.

Secret messages

You have to watch very closely — or multiple times — to see some of the words scrawled throughout the video.
Viewers caught messages like “This Is Enough,” “All Eyes On Us,” “I Love You In Secret,” “UR Gorgeous.”
Last week, Swift released a song titled “Gorgeous.”
One Twitter user tweeted that Swift liked a Tumblr post about the secret messages.

Shading her ex?

There was a lot of chatter last year when Swift and her ex, DJ/producer Calvin Harris, got into a social media feud over the fact Swift revealed she wrote his song, “This Is What You Came For” under the pseudonym,”Nils Sjoberg.”
Lyrics to that song include “Lightning strikes every time she moves/And everybody’s watching her.”
There’s plenty of lightning in the “Ready For It?” video.

Tay Tay breaks free

Fans had a great deal to say about one version of Swift seeming to free another, viewed by some as the singer declaring her independence from who people, especially the media, may perceive her to be.
“What I learned from #ReadyForItMusicVideo is that in order to be free you must defeat your own self,” one person tweeted. “Very deep.”
Deep indeed.
Swift’s new album, “Reputation,” comes out November 10.

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