Rapsody's "Ibtihaj" Featuring D'Angelo & GZA Is Hip Hop Heaven

EveIn the recent discussions regarding women in rap, one name that was echoed throughout conversations was Rapsody. The North Carolina emcee is known for her lyrical prowess and throughout her career has continued to elevate as an artist. On Friday, Rapsody gifted fans with her latest single “Ibtihaj” off her forthcoming album Eve. She enlisted the help of veteran artists R&B singer D’Angelo and Wu-Tang Clan member GZA to create a song that encompasses the essence of hip hop itself.  

Rapsody’s Eve is slated for release this month, and the rapper previously told Essence that is a project with a female empowerment theme. “It’s my ode to the women in my life who have made me who I am, but at the same time I realize it’s bigger than me,” she said. “It’s more about the village of black women. I feel like we all have similar experiences and similar stories and very similar inspirations. My last album, that was for me. That was all personal things that, you know, you can listen to and maybe you can relate, but a lot of it was for me.”

Quotable Lyrics

Hands buried the man and they raised the son to reign
That’s a play on words, they say herb ain’t all the same
Slaves in prison and they some unchained
While everybody in my gang a star DJ Preem
Screaming through the sun roof, “Money Still Ain’t a Thing”
While I’m spending small bank, asking “Where is my change?”

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