Rapsody Fires Off Formidable Bars On Funkmaster Flex

If there’s one thing we can count on from Funkmaster Flex, it’s a steady intake of bars. A scholar of the beloved art form, Flex has kept the freestyles coming for a minute, reminiscent of the early millennium Big Tigger. For fans of us who appreciate seeing emcees go off unstructured, Flex’s platform has led to some monumental moments for the culture. Recently, Rapsody came through to drop off some gems for the masses, picking up where her incredible Eve album left off. 

“If you just tuning in, we been ahead all quarters,” she spits, over a slick boom-bap beat. “I’m at the point I turn down money, ya’ll n***s can’t afford us / the price of my soul worth more than Michael Jackson choruses / we aim for the Garden but we came through the florist / that’s a come up, come on we don’t even know where the floor is.” And that’s only the beginning. It’s wise to listen in an attentive state, as Rap’s multilayered lines are prone to fly overhead at a rapid rate.

“I feel like Ava Duvernay,” she spits, “it’s time to put a wrinkle in n***as who think they shit is straight / in the words of Nip the great, I learned you n***as out of shape / you can’t manipulate the marathon just like my nipple weight / abrest of the situation, how ya’ll gon’ boo Drake knowing ya’ll wouldn’t have a boo without Drake?” 

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