Rapper Lil Xan Nearly Got His Ass Kicked By High School Kids After Calling Tupac’s Music ‘Boring’

Earlier this week, an incredibly pathetic rapper named Lil Xan called Tupac‘s music “boring.”

We didn’t cover the story because, like everyone else, that was the first we’d ever heard of Lil Xan. But this update is too fucking funny not to cover now!!!

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On Thursday afternoon in what is apparently his hometown of Redlands, California, Lil Xan was at a Del Taco trying to get food when a bunch of high school kids there recognized him and started going after the rapper about his Tupac comments.

Xan got so scared of the 15- and 16-year-old kids that he literally ran away to a nearby YMCA, where he was picked up by a Redlands police officer and given a police escort back to his car to drive away. Thug life!!!

According to TMZ, the frenzied high school kids had apparently been at the Del Taco originally to witness “a possible girl fight after school,” but the kids decided Xan would make a better focal point instead. Good choice, kids!

If Lil Xan runs from a bunch of high schoolers… we can only imagine what would’ve happened if he’d ever have had the opportunity to deliver his “boring” comments to Tupac in person…

Yeah… What a clown!

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