Ransom & Klass Murda Join 38 Spesh On "Toll Booth"

Driving down most highways on the east coast results in hitting toll booths. That’s why “Toll Booth” feels right at home on 38 Spesh’s new album, Interstate 38The track features Ransom and Klass Murda, who both shine on this one. The instrumental is comprised of a haunting violin positioned behind boom-bap percussions. Cinematic guitar riffs add a layer of mysterious depth as each rapper drops dizzying bars. 

There is no chorus on this one, and the bars just keep flying. Ransom and Spesh show off their lyrical talent, stretching rhyme schemes and extending their bars to the point of exhaustion. However, Klass Murda does cruise through at the end to lay down a melodic bridge of sorts, which leads to an instrumental play out. 

Quotable Lyrics
Awe shit, look what I done again
I was smuggling
They rap bought bricks, I really brought em in
Nigga, you let them undercovers in
Yall was bubblin
Til you told on each other and gave your brother ten

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