Radiance display some “R.A.E. (Real Ass Eclectics)” [Video]

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

 Radiance takes it back to the 90s on her latest record titled “R.A.E. (Real Ass Eclectics)”. Teaming up with producer B. Young, radiance takes some time out to talk about her daily routine and how she keeps her head above the stress and drama. She further explains how the song came about “I struggled with depression some months ago and it caused me to have writers’ block for a while. R.A.E. was the first thing I wrote after getting out of that funk. This song and the people that helped with my vision helped me grow into a better version of myself, along with helping me find my tribe. The chorus says it all“

“R.A.E. (Real Ass Eclectics)” takes it back to the 90s with this video shot by EazyMelow.

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