Radamiz reflects on “The Monk’s Ferrari”

Emerging emcee Radamiz is back on his business as he drops his new single “The Monk’s Ferrari“, a conceptual track that is inspired by Duende, an idea birthed by Spanish poet/playwright Federico Lorca. Over a dynamic and cinematic soundscape, Radamiz reflects on a number of thoughts with lines like  The monk who sold his Ferrari / The one of one son, the Feng Shui of the father/ Whole planet on the collarbone, honorable/ Was off the edge when no one called, I felt so marginal“.

The track is pretty dense and somewhat abstract but enlightening as well.

 This is the 1st single from a study on this concept, to be rolled out with performance videos, a 30-minute short and a gallery presentation.

Stream “The Monk’s Ferrari” on all DSPs here



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