R. Kelly Reportedly Requests For Late-Night Studio Access

Right after Lifetime premiered its six-part Surviving R. Kelly documentray, the singer’s Chicago studio was flooded with officers after Kelly’s victims spoke of the venue that he used as a residence as well. We previously posted about the evidence cops found that proved that the disgraced singer was, in fact, living there with his ‘sex slaves’ which led to him having restricted access.

Mike Pont/Getty Images

New reports from TMZ detail how the “Ignition” singer has requested to have more access to his studio space specifically for late hours between 8 PM and 7 AM. Apparently, that’s when R. Kelly puts in the best work for his music. Documents drafted up by the singer say these are also the working hours for his employees. 

When cops did a follow-up inspection of the studio a bed was still present which Kelly says he uses after spending 15 hours in the studio and needs a place to crash. A bunch of other personal items are still in the studio such as a massage table, shower and clothes. 

More recently, R. Kelly canceled his “King of R&B” tour that would have taken him to to Australia, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. We’re not too sure why he thought it would a good time to go on tour, but someone clearly passed along the message pulling all the promotion off social media. 

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