Q&A With Young Rising Los Angeles Hip Hop Artist Cyrus Smith

Hey Cyrus, we would like to thank you for dropping such a solid Hip Hop single that caters to the masses! Boom, on of our main contributors wrote an awesome review on it 9/10! Please tell us what exact area code you represent? How long have you been making music? And how did you get your MC name?

I represent 1600. I’ve been doing music a little less under a year. it all started the summer of 2017 and I went into buildboardstudios and was messing around. then I came back a couple of weeks later and the owner was like “aye you’re that kid” and ever since then I’ve been doing music with a passion. i got my name kid 16 cuz I started doing music when I was 16 and i’m from 1600 Inglewood and i was told i’m “that” kid.

Who or what influenced you to become an independent Hip Hop artist?

I’m an artist, I don’t only do hip hop. I was introduced to music when my uncle taught me how to play the piano and just how in our generation a lot of young artists are makin moves out here. i wasn’t just gonna sit back and do nothing.

We really love your unique and original style and sound? How would you describe your style in the simplest way?

My style of music is relate. I’ll refer a lot to old movies or anime, just something some people can relate to if they can’t relate to the rest of the song.

Tell us about the creative process for your new single “Bagz”!

My new single bagz is just about me having a lot of bags like i’ll have a dolce and gadona polar bear bag which is my favorite bag. I also have louboutin bags, louis bags, gucci bags, jordan bags. A lot of bags.

Back in July of 2017, our homie Trippie Redd swang by our HQ in DTLA and dropped a dope MIC SESSION with us! “Can You Rap Like Me” Remix! Have you watched it?? This really showed us that there are a few new age rappers out there who can low-key spit, even though Trippie is known to make major mainstream quote on quote “Mumble Rap” music…LOL By any chance, do you have somen material in your Catalog that can cater to our MIC SESSION audience, heavy on BARS with a dope underground Hip Hop beat! If so, let us know, maybe soon we can invite you as well!!!

I do not freestyle. some people possess that talent but i don’t prefer to do it. I do sometimes to help me w songs but for the most part i write my songs out and they won’t always be about money and clothes. i’ll also make double meanings in my lyrics and just cleaver things i think of.

In 2018, who is on your own personal music rotation playlist!? Any new artists you are listening to?

I listen to Hayley from paramore, Three Days Grace, Lil Uzi, Dexter, Kehlani, and Sam Smith but those are just a few.

Any new projects and videos you are working on? Planning on a tour anytime soon?

I am actually currently on a college tour showcasing my new project “Kid vs The Forces of Evil” it’s gonna be lit and lots of different sounds and relatable things for the people.

Out the box type question, If it came down to 1 ALBUM only, what underground Hip Hop album would you consider THE BEST OF ALL TIME!!!???……One 1 album you can choose.

I don’t know about underground just because i grew up listening to different types of genres but if it came down to one album i could listen to over and over again is Luv is Rage 2. Every song has a different feeling and it’s pretty lit.

Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”

My definition of underground music is specific music that certain people are looking for that they can just bob to.

Drop all your music and social media links!

You can find me on twitter, instagram, and facebook @cyrussmithmusic and @cyrus smith on itunes. Go get my new single bagz!

Any shout outs?

shouts out to Underground Hip Hop for the #9 spot! I really appreciate it!

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