Q&A With Rising Chicago Hip Hop Artist L.H.

We are extremely excited that we have continued to promote you on our website for at least over 1-2 years now! Since our last Q&A how have you been? Any big changes in the you move in this industry? Also, what in 2019 are you looking forward too?

Thanks for having me. I’m always appreciative of every single opportunity I receive. I’ve been great, still on my indie grind. Still creating music and writing. The focus is still growing my fanbase and getting upcoming shows. 2019 I’m looking forward to making more music, Shooting more videos and getting more fan.

WOW….IG blew the hell up! Seems like everyone and there moms is on IG! How has your IG game approved since last year? Has your IG page grown drastically or do you find it difficult to get a large number of followers in a short period of time….That bullshit algorithm is very tricky to say the least…LOL

Ha, yeah ig is the place to be. I don’t find it difficult but it’s slowly progressing. People telling me that they like my music and will be on the lookout for more and that’s a blessing. I do admit I have to be on it more but my personality is very laid laid back. Could be a gift and a curse for social media. I like to move how I move, when I want to move. I’m more of the personal type of guy. If you want to talk, work or connect, just message me personally. A thousand pics is more of a ig model type of thing to me, I love just creating music, getting it out there and connecting to people who feel my movement.

ROLLING LOUD!!! Seems to be the one Festival all artists want to be a part of!! Any plans on getting on a festival on that scale? Are you touring this 2019 year?

I’m planning on touring this year. My team is in talks with different festivals and colleges for the 2019 and 2020 year. For the last couple of months that has been a very big focus for the artist and brand.

Congrats on your latest album “Phaided”, are you planning on releasing any videos to complement “Phaided”. Or are you going to let the record gravitate as an exclusive listening experience?

This will probably be an exclusive listening experiece. Saying that because I planned on shooting some videos soon but mostly for the next project. That’s already more than half way done. I want it out before the summer. These songs will be more story telling and have more vibes that I think will hit higher numbers and get more traction and fan interaction. That’s one thing I do love about being indie. You can move at your own drum. I may make 1 more video for a track off of the phaided e.p. but I’m just very excited about the next project. Title is already down.

With this industry being so fast pace, being so busy promoting yourself, what advice do you have to those who are barely releasing their first record, and trying to break into the business?

Maaaaannn…..I know its cliche but ” Just do it” and yo also be patient. It took me a while to find my style and how I wanted to sound. That’s the first hurdle. After that it’s just pushing and making more and more music. A lot of people get deferred and think that’s it’s going to be easy but it’s far from it. You can blow up early like Bow Wow and Nas, under 21 and just get the right people behind you as a team; or you can also be like 2 Chainz who was rapping for a while but took off in his late 30s. Just always work and always look to get better and dont give up.

Bro…Your track “Hit The Floor” really hits hard in my car! I be bumping this shit occasionally when I need to set a certain mood! Please break down the creative process on this track?!

Ha,Ha. It was just a strip club banger. I’m all about lyrics and creativity so I always want to give a story to the track. Sometimes strip club tracks can be generic because it gets the stigma of lyrics not mattering so much. I wanted to add a story and keep you engaged while throwing your money out. I wanted it to be listening to porn while making it rain.

How does social media playing a role in your success? How are fans / supporters helping your movement?

They’re helping a lot. Marketing has had people following me and hitting me up that sometimes I wonder how did they find me. They tell me how from so and so and fucks with my music. Sometimes it’s new fans and sometimes its artist themselves. Being an indie it’s just keeping relevant. It means the world when they say they will be looking out for new material in the future. I’m always appreciative.

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”? Has your definition changed since the last time…?

Underground to me is any music being released without any type of major label help. You can’t be an underground artist with a billion dollar label behind you. It’s crazy because even though hip hop is now pop music, some people out there still don’t want to hear top 40 music and still do gravitate toward different. It’s a pain in the ass finding them fans but that’s what makes it underground. A very few all invested in the not so popular music and style at the moment.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

Ig : Ldothdot

Twitter : @LdotHdot

Website : www.visualaudiollc.com

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