Q&A Interview With Floridian Producer Devereaux

What was the earliest hip hop memory you can recall?
My earliest memory of hip hop would have to be The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa”. That song was going crazy back in the day.


Who’re some artists that inspire you?
Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, MF DOOM, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Three 6 Mafia, Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie.


When was it when you realized that making beats was your calling?
I saw a video of producer Lex Luger cooking up on his crib. Since then, I knew producing is what I wanted to do.


Where did your moniker originate?
There is a villain in a low budget KISS movie that came out in the late 70s. I thought it sounded dope, so it stuck.


How did you cross paths with Ouija Macc? 

Shaggytheairhead linked us together back in Ouija’s old group Swag Toof.


Last spring you entirely produced Resistance: The Walk to Wasteland, which is a prelude mixtape to Ouija’s upcoming sophomore album Wasteland. What made you wanna do a whole project with him & what can we expect on Wasteland?
We never intended for me to produce all of Resistance, it just naturally happened through our chemistry. Wasteland is the hardest I have ever worked on any project. I’ve gone beyond even my own expectations, I think it’s gonna be next level.


You also dropped an EP with CastleHill last year called Phase 1. Can you describe the inspiration behind that?
Me & Castle have always wanted to mix my beats with his guitar work, so we locked in the studio & knocked out a dope project of instrumentals.


Given that the title is Phase 1, will we be getting a follow-up anytime soon?
Absolutely! PHASE 2 is on the way.


Anything else planned for 2020?
Me & Shaggytheairhead have a collective group of artists & we’re gonna be dropping new music all year produced by the both of us.


Lastly, do you have advice for anyone trying to set their foot in the music industry?
Take all your influences and make them your own original sound. Your originality will shine through, don’t be a carbon copy.

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