PWR BTTM lands new management as music returns to Spotify




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PWR BTTM has secured new management and distribution rights for 2015 debut Ugly Cherries, after being dropped by both its record label and representation amid sexual assault allegations last month.

An anonymous interview with Jezebelin May led to the cancellation of the queer artpunk duo’s36-city summer tour,and the removal of the PWR BTTM catalog from all physical and digital retailers (includingstreaming services). The banddenied the allegationsvia a series of Facebook posts, and whilethe investigation isstill ongoing, it’s managed to team upwith veteran manager and label exec Lisa Barbaris toget one of its records back into circulation. Barbaris’ other clients include Cyndi Lauper.

Ugly Cherrieswas released by a small San Francisco label called Father/Daughter Records, and it reached an agreement with the band to sign over distribution rights. The agreementmade the albumavailable on services like Spotify and Bandcamp,like it had been. The duo’sbigger former label, Polyvinyl Records, is being less cooperative given the circumstances: It’s effectively paid for the production of an album that may never get thepublicity and supportthat a tour providesa financial nightmare.

According to Billboard,the labelis askingto be “reimbursed for theun-recoupedmoney, which includes the band’s advance, it gave PWR BTTM to record the album” before it will consider transferring anydistribution rights to the group.

While bandmates Ben Hopkins and Live Bruce haven’t indicated they’ll be pursuing a lawsuitof any kind, asource close to the band toldBillboard that they“do believe that the label has done harm to their reputation and livelihood.”

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