Priyanka Chopra got her what photoshopped?

(CNN)Priyanka Chopra has it all. She’s the star of the hit TV show “Quantico,” she’s a super star in Bollywood and she holds a Miss World title.

To top it off, Maxim India has just named her “The Hottest Woman in the World” on its June/July cover.


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There probably shouldn’t be much to digitally alter on the magazine’s-declared “Hottest Woman,” right?
Except Maxim India apparently smoothed and whitened an unlikely part of Chopra’s body that has people talking: her armpits.
Maxim India did not respond to CNN’s questions about the alleged photoshopping of the actress’s underarm.
“Your armpits are all over the news!” one Twitter user tweeted, tagging Chopra.
Others compare themselves to just her armpit.
Someone else tweeted #LeaveArmpitsAlone with a huge red circle around Chopra’s underarm.
For just as many people defending Priyanka’s untouched armpits, fans showed their support of her cover.
A Canadian radio host posted a picture of herself, hair in hand, underarm exposed, to compare her own armpit to Chopra’s:
A famous Bollywood friend of hers, Sophie Choudry, called her “HOT.”
Days after the armpit controversy hit social media, Chopra responded with a tweet of her own. Posing with her arms up in a sleeveless top, she punned: “Here’s another pit-stopping picture to add to the debate.” Already, her response has been liked over 3,500 times on Twitter.
Maxim India re-tweeted Chopra’s #nofilter picture with the words “mic drop.”

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