Prince Jackson Reveals His Famous Father’s Parenting Skills In New GMA Interview!

Prince Jackson doesn’t give a lot of interviews.

So when we found out he was going to be talking about following in his late father’s footsteps on Good Morning America Monday morning, we knew we had to tune in!

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Speaking to Robin Roberts, whom he had previously spoken to years ago shortly after Michael Jackson‘s passing, Prince spoke about how his famous dad influenced his current career, revealing:

“As we were growing up, my dad always said, ‘I really don’t care what you do in life as long as you’re happy doing it and you’re the best at what you do. If you want to be a janitor at a high school, you should be the best janitor that you can be.’ I think that he would always be the supporting figure to me and my siblings and support us in all the endeavors that we try.”

Awww. That’s good parenting.

Prince’s current endeavors are the charity Heal LA, which aids children of abuse and homelessness, and King’s Son Productions, a music video production company with a very “obvious” namesake:

“King’s Son Productions has this mantra where a title is earned but a name is given. I was born as Prince, and that was the name my dad had given to me, but my dad had earned the epithet ‘King of Pop.’ That’s through hard work and years of training and everything that he worked so hard to get. So, it’s a form of motivation. My name is Prince, but for all intents and purposes, I’m the King’s son. I am working to get my own epithet.”

Just like his sis Paris Jackson, Prince is turning into a very well-adjusted, eloquent young adult!

So amazing!

See the inspiring interview (below)!

[Image via ABC.]

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