Post Malone & Jimmy Fallon Play Beer Pong & Sing Irish Songs On "Tonight Show"

Most of us have friends who help bring out the ridiculousness in us, and Post Malone just might be that buddy for Jimmy Fallon. Last year, the rapper visited the late-night talk show and decided to take Fallon on a bromance date to the Olive Garden. The pair sampled wine, chowed down on unlimited breadsticks, and had all of the salad they could eat. Sure, it was a tad absurd, but it made for a side-splitting segment.

On Tuesday evening, Malone returned to the Fallon set and decided to do a little bit of remodeling. The rapper and talk show host turned the place into an Irish Pub, complete with pints of beer. The pair participated in a duet of The Dubliner’s “Seven Drunken Knights.” The band backed them up and the audience made sure to join in for a good ol’ fashioned clap-a-long as Fallon and Malone acted to be drunker than they truly were. 

Aside from the sing-a-long, Malone sat down to chat with Fallon who asked the rapper what it’s like backstage at one of his concerts. When Malone mentioned beer pong, it was only fitting that the two play a quick game. Of course, they’re drinking Bud Light that features the singer on the can as he’s recently partnered with the company. Check it out below to see who was the big winner.

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