Post Malone Gets Chains Tested By Strangers For Authenticity: “It's All F*ckin' Diamonds!”

Post Malone ran into some a group of innovative young men outside the LA bar The Nice Guy on Wednesday night. The guys in question own a device that can determine whether or not a diamond is real, and offered to test out Posty’s diamond chains for authenticity. One of the men gave him a shining introduction on the video, calling him “one of the biggest artists in the world” and saying that “if you don’t know him, you’re probably living under a rock.” Before he and his buddies proceed to test the star’s jewelry, he mentions that they’re “continuing the series,” indicating that this is a regular activity that this team engages in, and we’re lowkey here for it.

Post gives a rundown of his diamonds, pointing out that his $250K Dallas Cowboys chain is made of “sapphires,” but later clarifies that the “baguettes” are diamonds—or should be. “Everything should be diamonds!” he declares, before admitting that he has no idea how much he paid for his pieces, only that they cost “more than my mama would like them to.” Finally, they get down to business, and with each of the gadget’s beeps confirming the authenticity of his ice, Post gets increasingly more thrilled. “We love it, we love it,” he says. “It’s all f*ckin diamonds.” Happy for you, Post.

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