Please Wait (Ta-ku & Matt McWaters) take us on “Flight 99” with Masego

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Veteran producer Ta-ku is back with a new musical project called Please Wait, a duo made up of himself and Canadian artist Matt McWaters. The duo’s first single entitled “Flight 99” is a mellow, ethereal piece that sees them working with the eclectic Masego. The soulful act delivers a heartwarming performance as he engulfs the piano-driven beat with his signature soothing melodies and songwriting skills. The track is pretty short and finishes just under the 3-minute mark but ends on a very gripping note with its nostalgia-inducing arrangement made up of soothing horns and reflective keys.

“Flight 99” is taken from Please Wait’s upcoming debut ‘Black & White’ EP. The EP will be released on Ta-ku Jakarta Records’ joint label venture 823

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