Playboi Carti Gets An Assist From Kid Cudi On "Whole Lotta Red" Standout "M3tamorphosis"

Playboy Carti has been having an eventful Christmas, mainly due to his wild back-and-forth with baby momma and fellow rapper Iggy Azalea earlier and the release of his often-delayed new album Whole Lotta Red all in the same day. Keeping in line with the latter, one of the standout tracks on the LP that’s definitely worth highlighting is his Kid Cudi collaboration titled “M3tamorphosis.” 

Playboi Carti Kid Cudi Whole Lotta Red M3tamorphosis
Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The song’s structure is for turn-up purposes only, with Carti opting for repetitiveness in the lyrics in order to make the F1lthy and Gab3-produced instrumental stand out even more. Cudi utilizes his signature hums throughout the first half of the song before going into lyrical overdrive on his closing verse that makes for a highlight moment. It’s enough to balance out a track with Carti pretty much saying “When you feel like this, can’t nobody tell you shit” over and over in the chorus.

The accompanying music video is way more tamed than what you’d expect from the track itself, which was probably due to COVID-related issues that cut into video production. Still, seeing two of hip-hop’s most electric personalties together in a video for an even more eclectic song is one of the greatest gifts we could’ve asked for today. Even if all they’re doing in the video is looking, well, a whole lotta red.

Listen to and watch the official music video for “M3tamorphosis” by Playboi Carti featuring Kid Cudi below, and go stream Whole Lotta Red (finally!) on all music streaming platforms:

Quotable Lyrics:

Get some relief (Hey), spark up the leaf
Call up my n***as, we live out our dreams, hey
God got his hands on me, believe
Rumors are cheap (Hey, hey), do it for V
All of them days that I couldn’t eat
Brodie keep watchin’, I know that I’ll reach, reach, reach (Reach)
When the Vamps get on the sceeene
When I whip the X I’m on a winning streeeak
Steppin’ next, you’ve never seen
I feel filthy, on the run, it’s a moviiie


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