Pivot Gang Dedicate "Houdini" To "White Folks, Gangstas, & Thugs"

Saba and the Pivot Gang have been busy bringing their show on the road, but best believe the studio is being neglected as a result. Today, the collective dropped off the Two-Piece Tour Pack, which featured both the “SoHo Freestyle” and “Houdini,” which features contributing vocals from theMIND. Once again, Saba kicks things off, a pattern in many of Pivot Gang’s recent catalog. Not that we’re complaining, as the Chicago lyricist stands among the most dexterous of the posse – and given the acumen of his peers, that’s saying something. 

MfnMelo makes sure to pay homage to a classic, borrowing a line from the timeless Ay Bay Bay. “A little ratchet, ayy babay,” he spits, following Saba’s opening verse. “This is for them white folks, gangstas and them thugs.” Closing things out is Joseph Chilliams, who pairs his more powerful bars with some humor, spitting lines like “at Family Tree, tryna get something to eat, like self-defense class, she go straight for the D.” Overall, “Houdini” is lined with quotables from top-to-bottom, as to be expected when the Gang comes out to play.

Quotable Lyrics

At Family Tree, tryna get something to eat
Like self-defense class, she go straight for the D
Ass got me on brick, that’s what they threw at Dr. King
Ask to lift up my shirt, like it’s caught up on the swing

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