Phoenix James & ilikebloo Showcase Their Unique Styles On "SPEEDRACER"

Miami artist Phoenix James has been making waves as of late thanks to a dope sound that will certainly take some people by the surprise. With fast hi-hats and snares, the song gives you that early to mid-2000s EDM feel all while incorporating rap elements and even some singing. On her latest effort called “SPEEDRACER,” James links up with artist ilikebloo for a collaboration that acts as a perfect mesh of their respective styles.

With this latest track, James raps over an instrumental similar to the one we described above. The lyrics are on par with the name of the song as we get some bars about fast cars and making money. James and ilikebloo complement each other nicely and if you’re not familiar with either artist, this is a great entry point.

Give us your thoughts on the song, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tell me tell me baby have you been about your cash flow
Imma drop my number only if you call me back though
Started in the passenger momma said you a rascal
Pedal to the metal 200 on the dashboard

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