People Are Pissed At ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham For Her MTV Movie & TV Awards Outfit

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham turned heads when she arrived at the MTV Movie & TV Awards because of the outfit she was wearing, and shes already getting backlash over it.

The MTV star showed up to the red carpet in a Bollywood-inspired outfit that consisted of a three-piece gold and pink outfit complete with a bindi, which has a lotof religious significance for those of the Hindu faith.

Shes being called out for cultural appropriation, but shes already speaking out against the backlash. Abraham told TooFab she wanted to bring culture to the red carpet and wasnt worried about haters on the internet. Uhhhh, OK, Farrah.

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She added, I think it will inspire others to embrace new cultures and have good experiences, which is codeword for I didnt think this through.

Fans arent buying her excuses.

Abraham really doesnt seem to care about the backlash shes already receiving online. She told TooFab shes not worried at all about what people are saying because her outfit makes her feel freaking amazing, adding Bollywood is sexy!

But what she apparently doesnt seem to understand is that the traditional clothes have an extensive cultural history, and people actuallycare when people outside their culture try to pass it off as their own. And, like, thats pretty objectivelyfair.

Farrah, in the meantime, is still pretty much ignoring the backlash and is just posting pics of her and John Cena instead. OK.


Abraham is just another celebrity on a long list of celebrities to receive backlash for being culturally insensitive.

According to E! News, Selena Gomez wore a bindi back in 2013 at the MTV Movie Awards, and she was immediately asked for a formal apology bytheUniversal Society of Hinduism.

And lets not forget about the timewhenJulianne Hough dressed in blackface for Halloween back in 2013 for herCrazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black costume.

Yeah, not their best decisions

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