Pardison Fontaine Jokes With Megan Thee Stallion About Viral Moment: "Pardi, Don't Start"

It was a moment that had Megan Thee Stallion’s fans hurling insults and accusations at Pardison Fontaine, but now both artists are able to laugh about it. While celebrating her birthday with her friends last month, an Instagram Live moment went viral after Pardison is heard yelling while Megan is in another room. He told them they had five seconds before he was coming in and seemed upset, and soon, the internet lit up with allegations and strangers sharing their opinions about Megan and Pardi’s budding relationship.

Megan Thee Stallion came forward to defend Fontaine as she sang his praises and it didn’t take long for everyone to brush the incident under the rug as the couple returned to fawning over one another. Proving that a little viral backlash isn’t something that can keep him down, Pardison teased Megan in a video that hosted a similar scenario.

In the clip, Megan looks to be in another room while Pardison smiles and says, “Tell Megan to come to the door.” Viewers can hear Meg on the other side say, “Oh, Pardi, don’t start.” Instead, he continues, “Right now!” Everyone starts to laugh as Fontaine attempts to continue, but even he contain himself

“You crazy!” said Megan. Check out the clip below.

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