OnlyFans Starts Trending on Twitter Thanks To Hashtag Rap

When people get bored on the Internet, strange-yet-entertaining things can happen. In the latest episode of WTF, Twitter decided to make monthly subscription website OnlyFans, which is now the go-to platform for those with entrepreneurial amateur porn aspirations, a trending topic by using a rhyming technique mainly associated with hashtag rap. Strange yet wildly entertaining, indeed!

OnlyFans Trending Twitter Hashtag Rap
Chesnot/Getty Images

We can’t exactly say where or who this started with, but it definitely has seemed to take Twitter by storm for the time being. Basically, the rules are pretty simple: Make a statement that starts with “OnlyFans, but…,” add your own clever quip, leave a few spaces in between and then finally end your tweet with “Only __” by filling the blank with something that rhymes with “fans” but also ties back to your original statement. Being that SoundCloud rappers and emcees like Big Sean, Drake and Nicki Minaj have made chart-topping hits utilizing the technique, your next tweet could probably lead to a Billboard Hot 100 hit. If not, at least you can get a few subscribers out of it all if “pay-for-play” is your thing.

Check out a few of our favorite hashtag rap OnlyFans tweets below, and share some of your own down below in the comments:

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