On This Day, You Can Watch Drunk Lin-Manuel Miranda Explain The Plot Of ‘Hamilton’

Mark your calendars: Nov. 29, 2016, is the day you and your loved ones will have the pure, heavenly pleasure of watching Lin-Manuel Miranda THE guy who wrote “Hamilton,” who won some Tonys, a Genius Grant and a Pulitzer Prize along the way explain the main plot point of his smash hit musical … drunk … on television.

OK, now that you’ve stopped screaming, read on: Entertainment Weekly reported the news last week that Miranda will be narrating an upcoming episode of “Drunk History.” Then, this happened:

If you’re not familiar with “Drunk History,” head to YouTube, but know that it’s exactly what it sounds like. People recount historical events while experiencing comically high blood alcohol levels. Hilarity ensues.

What do we know so far about Miranda’s episode? It will feature Alia Shawkat as Alexander Hamilton and Aubrey Plaza as Aaron Burr or, the versions of those characters drunk Miranda is capable of recalling. The episode will likely center on the duel that resulted in Hamilton’s death at the hands of Burr, a central plot-point in Miranda’s musical. And it will air Nov. 29 on Comedy Central. 

We sincerely hope the episode somewhat resembles this:

And Miranda he uses his Grammy (’cause he won one of those, too) to aid in his storytelling:

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/lin-manuel-miranda-drunk-history_us_57b234d7e4b0c75f49d7d225?section=&

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