OMB Peezy & OMB Iceberg Connect On "Still RUNNING"

OMB Peezy has been steadily flooding the streets with new music throughout the year. The pandemic has certainly kept us all inside and many artists have used the time to record in abundance. It appears that’s been Peezy’s approach, releasing In The Meantime and a slew of loose singles.

This week, he returned with a brand new single, tapping OMB Iceberg for assistance. The new collaboration, “Still RUNNING,” captures the urgency of the streets with pain riddling Peezy’s voice. The soulful production and Peezy’s harmonies bring that authentic Southern feel to the record while OMB Iceberg slides through with a stand-out verse.

Check out the latest offering from OMB Peezy and OMB Iceberg, “Still Runnin” below. Keep your eyes peeled for more music from OMB Peezy.

Quotable Lyrics
I can’t hate on no n***a
Raised ’round dope dealers
That choppa flash, leave ’em still
But we ain’t takin’ no pictures
And if I reach for my hip
Know I’m ’bout to blow n***a
Boom, boom, get low n***a
Can’t hate with hoe n***as

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