OMB Peezy Keeps His Hot Streak Going On "Yeah"

It’s hard to deny that OMB Peezy has been one of the most underrated artists coming out of the South. Though Mobile isn’t necessarily known for it’s heavy hip-hop scene, there have been a few artists to emerge out of there to tell their story. Peezy, though later moved to the West Coast, has continued to bring that Southern feel in his music with bluesy vocal melodies over trap-centric production. 

As he’s continued to unload plenty of new music in the past few months, he’s back with his latest offering, “YEAH.” Taking it back to Mobile, the rapper reflects on the realities that affect those close to him as his rap career flourishes. It’s an honest offering from Peezy, one that continues his hot streak that he’s been on this year. Peep his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
Leave ya on the curb, yeah
I won’t say a word, yeah
I don’t black thinkin’ murder, I see red
All my people slangin’ birds, yeah

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