Notifi – “Dramamine”

Toronto-based rapper/singer/songwriter Notifi emerges onto the scene today with his premiere single, “Dramamine.” With Ye Ali and Jordon Manswell providing the soundscape, Notifi flows seemingly effortlessly with his fiery melodies and catchy bars.

Dramamine is a medicine used for motion sickness but one of the side effects is drowsiness, hence the connotative reference in the hook, “Dramamine, they been sleep on me” – conveying that people have been sleeping on Notifi as an artist and it’s time to wake up.

Listen to “Dramamine” below.

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  1. Reba Boening, 28 February, 2020

    This Notifi – “Dramamine” site has helped
    me many times in health problems. This book helped me to heal and feel better: Kiss
    you all!

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