Noname Hints At Quitting Music After Next Project: "My Heart Isn't Fully In It"

In August, Noname started a book club. According to its website, Noname’s Book Club “encourages its members to support the works of POC authors and the businesses that specialize in housing our stories.” The Chicago rapper’s revived love for reading has resulted in multiple changes in perspective, one of them pertaining to her place in the music industry. 

After a fan begged her for new music on Twitter today (even though she released two songs this year and an album last year), Noname was triggered to share that she’s considering quitting music altogether after she releases her next project, Factory Baby. In a since-deleted tweet, she wrote: “To be honest with you my heart isn’t fully in it anymore. The relationship between “artist” and “fan” is really fucking unhealthy. Yall like what y’all like and hate what y’all hate. And I don’t wanna be on either side. I’m just tryna read and organize. After factory baby its [peace sign emoji].”

The organizing she hopes to do likely relates to the anti-capitalist stances she’s been espousing on Twitter recently. In the tweet that followed the one above, Noname drew the connection between capitalism and the music industry that is making her want to concentrate her energy elsewhere. “Yall shat on me for my capitalism tweet which sent me even further down the rabbit hole of self educating then months later Ive grown to the point of no longer being disillusioned to an exploitative ideology just for yall to turn around and say “No noname stay in the industry.” 

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