Nipsey Hussle's Family Declines Fans' Suggestions For A Public Birthday Celebrations

August 15 is Nipsey Hussle’s birthday, and here in Los Angeles millions of fans are attempting to be part of a large celebration. The shock of losing Nip is still very raw in California. The inspirational artists and businessman was slain on March 31 in the lot of his own store. The city hasn’t been the same since. Although the fans want to celebrate the life of Nip on his upcoming birthday, his family wants to keep things a little more low key.  According to TMZHussle’s family is declining the requests for a public birthday extravaganza. The media site reports that the passing of the fabled rapper is still too fresh in the minds of his family and friends. Instead, Nip’s family and friends will have a private event to celebrate the life of the rapper on what would have been his 34th birthday. 

For the Nipsey fans who want to celebrate in some way, be wary that the Marathon Clothing store will not be an available venue. The storefront is being guarded by additional fences and security as plans to erect a tower in Nip’s memory are being cemented. The Marathon Clothing store will still be open online though. Rest in peace to a legend. 

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