Nickel and Dime Ops – ‘Resuscitation Music’ (LP)

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, and with Hip-Hop at an all-time high in the public eye, this is the perfect time to be introduced to popular New York City band known as Nickel and Dime Ops. After 10 years of preparation, Nickel and Dime Ops take their buzz to the next level with the release of their highly-anticipated new album, titled, ‘Resuscitation Music’.

A celebration album after the years of build, the new album is 13-track musical and lyrical masterpiece, featuring several guest vocalists including two-time 2018 Grammy nominated, Jean Baylor. New York Daily reports, “…Nickel and Dime Operation can change the face of music. Judging from the crowd dancing in the aisles on Thursday night, (Nickel) might be onto something.”

Brief backstory on Nickel and Dime Ops. The conscious nine-piece band began in 2010 to push the boundaries of creativity both musically and lyrically. For 7 years and running, Nickel and Dime Ops has held their weekly Thursday night residency at the world renowned Smoke Jazz Club. Nickel and Dime Ops has performed over 400 shows in New York and music festivals throughout the country. Members of the group have performed with icons such as President Barack Obama and Stevie Wonder. Nickel and Dime Ops is one of Smoke House’s fan favorites and longest running residents.

Nickel and Dime Ops is slated to host an album release party this Friday in New York City at the legendary SOB’s. Everyone in the New York area is invited to come hear what all the fuss is about to see the band live.

Preview the new album, ‘Resuscitation Music’ by Nickel and Dime Ops above.

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Nickel and Dimes Ops’ debut album, ‘Resuscitation Music’ is available now via Apple Music

Wanna hear more Nickel & Dime Ops? Checkout their complete catalog below via Soundcloud.

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