Nick Young Delivers Shocking Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan Take: Watch

When it comes to basketball, there has been a ton of debate surrounding who the greatest player of all-time is. Many would argue that it’s LeBron James, while the vast majority would say it’s actually Michael Jordan. There are some other players in the GOAT conversation including Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and even Kobe Bryant. While Bryant is certainly a great player, there are some glaring arguments against him when it comes to GOAT talk. 

Nick Young, Kobe’s former teammate, doesn’t care for the negatives against Kobe as he believes he’s the real GOAT. In a recent episode of the “Certified Buckets” podcast, Young made the case for Kobe as the GOAT and he made some compelling, yet confusing arguments.

Basically, Young feels like Kawhi Leonard is the second coming of Michael Jordan and that Kobe is better than Kawhi. If you do the proper math, you would easily come to the conclusion that Kobe is the greatest player of all-time. Young’s co-hosts were pretty surprised by this assessment but at the end of the day, they accepted it since it’s simply a matter of opinion.

Do you agree with Young? Who do you think is the greatest player of all-time?

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