Nick Cannon Says Black Men Refer To Themselves As "Baby" Because "We're Not Yet Men"

Actor Michael Jai White recently sat down with VladTV and shared a few opinions that stuck with the host. White discussed the nicknames and words the black community affectionately uses like “n*gga,” “b*tch,” and “dog.” The actor suggested that the black community was de-humanizing itself, and Nick Cannon added to those thoughts during his interview with Vlad.

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

“That’s what John Singleton made Baby Boy out of,” Cannon said. “That complex of black men never being able to be a man, always being emasculating, always being a ‘baby.’ ‘Hey baby, that’s my baby, what’s up baby.’ We’re the only ones that refer to each other as babies because we’re not yet men.”

Cannon and Vlad also added monikers like “savage” and “goon.” The actor continued, “None of them are human… That’s why I said that elevated mentality is engrained in us so we’ve been brainwashed and it’s been stripped away by the European institutionalization and I feel like—I do believe in those agendas.”

Cannon claimed that he isn’t some sort of conspiracy theorist, but this is a topic that he’s studied deeply. “When you can tear down an empire, whether it’s through language, whether it’s through separation, whether it’s through their food, you come at them from all angles,” he said. “Whether it’s through sexuality, whatever you consider.” Check out Cannon’s clip below and let us know if you agree.

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