Newmarket music events ‘not for children’

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Image caption More than 20,000 people were at Little Mix’s gig at Newmarket Racecourse

A racecourse which received complaints about aggression and drunkenness after it staged a Little Mix gig says it will no longer sell children’s tickets for evening music events.

Newmarket Racecourse denied the change in policy was prompted by complaints from parents following the summer gig.

Instead it said “customer feedback” had driven the change, as first reported in the Cambridge News.

The venue apologised to fans “for the mindless actions” after the concert.

More than 20,000 people, many of them young children, went to see Little Mix at the racecourse in June.

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But after the event some took to social media to complain, saying it was unsafe for children and described people being drunk, lewd and aggressive.

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Image caption Kaitlyn suffered bruises after being trampled on at the racecourse Little Mix gig, her mother said

Chloe Price posted pictures on Facebook of her eight-year-old daughter Kaitlyn with bruises, claiming she had been trampled on.

“There’s drunk people falling over people. Women being sick. people pushing and shoving. Kids crying everywhere,” she told the BBC.

Chantelle Skinner described “drunken behaviour. Really not suitable for children at all”.

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Image caption Newmarket Racecourse told the BBC evening events were largely not suitable for under-16s

Newmarket Racecourse said changes to its Newmarket Nights events were based on customer feedback.

Amy Starkey, from the racecourse, said: “One of the changes to be implemented will be that children’s tickets will not be available for any evening music events next year.”

Ms Starkey told the BBC evening events were largely not suitable for under-16s.

Parents however, could still buy adult tickets for their children, but the racecourse would not be responsible for the youngsters.

The venue was also renaming of the Family Enclosure to the Garden Enclosure “as another example of how we would like to position Newmarket Nights going forward”.

Children’s tickets would still be sold for family daytime events, the racecourse added.

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