Nelly Furtado Supports Taylor Swift, Says She’s Had ‘Several’ Inappropriate Meet & Greet Experiences Too!

Taylor Swift‘s groping trial must be so tough on her!

It seems she has to constantly reiterate that a man grabbed her ass, and that she isn’t to blame for any of this.

Meanwhile you have every armchair attorney on Twitter asking why she waited years to sue. (She didn’t. He’s the one who waited to sue. She’s just countersuing the jerk for $1 over principle.)

So it must be nice to get support from someone who knows exactly what you’re dealing with! Someone like singer Nelly Furtado, who’s been in the game since hitting the charts with I’m Like A Bird back in 2000.

Video: Nelly Furtado Makes Her Return To Music With A Haunting Home Video For Pipe Dreams!

Nelly didn’t just toss out words of solidarity; she had her fellow pop star’s back by sharing her own experience, tweeting:

Eesh! Interesting phrasing here.

Obviously sexual harassment is an insidious problem in every industry, but is there something specific to radio staff? Hmm.

Have YOU ever had such an experience with radio workers??

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