Neil Young Fires Back At No. 1 Hater: NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch

Apparently there’s one thing that National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch hates almost as much as sensible gun laws: Neil Young’s singing voice.

Loesch has tweeted at least 15 negative comments about the rock legend over the past decade, according to the Daily Beast, including referring to his voice as “a dying cow fart” at least three times.

Young was apparently unaware that he’s been targeted by Loesch until the Daily Beast called it to his attention.

He was amused. Very amused.

“The spokesperson? That woman? She doesn’t like me?” he asked. “Well, she’s one of the gang over there. Although Trump likes my music. He’d come to all my shows.”

After a pause, he said, “Well, I’m glad I got under her skin.”

As for the comparison that Young’s singing voice sounds like bovine flatulence, he wondered, “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?”

He then thought better of his glib response.

“You know, I hate to say that, because I have kids and I really don’t want anybody to shoot me. I’ve still got to bring up my kids, so don’t take that seriously!”

Although Loesch has gone as far to suggest that if she ever won the Powerball, she pay Young, Nickelback and Bush to stop playing, the Canadian-born Young says she’s entitled to her opinion.


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“That’s the way it goes! That’s what happens,” he said. “You’re out there in the world and people can say whatever they want. It’s freedom. I appreciate that, and I think she should exercise it as much as she can.”


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