NBA YoungBoy's Mom Blasts Him For Kicking Her Out Of Her House

The feud between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and his mother goes back several months. If you’ve been following the Baton Rouge rapper’s career trajectory, you likely have heard about the issues he has with his family. His mother has previously defended him against his critics but, apparently, things turned sour between them again recently. Things may have quieted down since the star was released from prison this summer but still, there is a lot of patching up to do with his momma. After purchasing a house for her, NBA YoungBoy allegedly forced her to leave the property recently, which she detailed during a live-stream session.

In her carefree manner, YoungBoy’s mother took to her social media accounts to absolutely berate her baby boy, airing out their personal drama for everybody to see. “I ain’t gon’ keep letting you play with me like that,” yelled Kentrell’s mom, noting that he’s been claiming he never had a mother to take care of him. “Kentrell got me a fucking house, he’ll get you a house and then if you don’t do what he fucking says, he’ll get it took. I don’t give a fuck, you can have your house, bitch. I’ll go under the interstate. Bitch, I’ll go sleep on a fucking park bench.”

20-year-old NBA Youngboy is still dealing with his fair share of family drama. Hopefully, they get this sorted out without it getting messy once again.

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