Napalm Death teaches radio host how to sing death metal, is rewarded with Spotify popularity

If youve ever seen Napalm Death in concert or listened to their albums in the comfort of your home, you know the death metal band can create an intense atmosphere that isnt necessarily pleasurable to experience.

Frontman Mark Barney Greenway, in the fine tradition of death metal bands, growls (or screams) his lyrics instead of singing the. And though Napalm Death is one of the most respected (and longest lasting) groups in this genre of music, going hard since the early 1980s, that doesnt mean the band is an easy listen.

I hated them, my wife just said to me, reminiscing about the day we saw Napalm Death open for Faith No More a couple years ago.

Maybe youd hate them, too, but Greenway apparently is quite a salesman. Because, as Metroreports, streams of Napalm Deaths music increased by 228 percent on Spotify after Greenway this week showed a British radio host how to effectively sing/growl his heart out.

First, heres Greenway in action.

Now, heres Greenway and Ed Miliband, a well-known Labour leader in the U.K. who was hosting the chat, talking about death metal on the BBC Radio 2.

And now, Napalm Death is screaming up the Spotify charts as the band plays European festivals and tours throughout the continent. As for Miliband, perhaps one day he can leave behind politics and start his own extreme metal band.

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