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Despite the current success of romantic musical La La Land, a poll has found we rate musicals as the least sexy genre of music.

A survey carried out by the Symphony Hall in Birmingham found only 1% of people listen to songs from musicals in the bedroom.

The genre came behind thrash metal, spiritual music such as hymns, and meditation music.

The genre with the most sex appeal was R&B, followed by chart music.

While it’s no surprise R&B came top, it is perhaps surprising that the world of Cabaret, Chicago and Moulin Rouge polled so low.

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Ahead of musicals in the bottom five is world music, folk and even chamber music, which were each chosen by 2% of the 2,030 people polled.

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Image caption Musicals like Chicago and Cabaret are not sexy – apparently

Sixteen percent of respondents chose R&B as their favourite music for the bedroom. Twelve percent chose chart music, while 11% chose classic pop from the 1980s and 90s.

Dance music and indie music complete the top five, getting 9% and 8% respectively.

The survey found that 43% of people played music in the bedroom – but it was much more popular if the couple were unmarried.

Twenty-eight percent of married couples like to have something playing in the background, compared with 62% of unmarried couples.

The most popular music for the bedroom
1. R&B 16%
2. Chart Music (Top 40) 12%
3. Classic Pop (80s/90s) 11%
4. Dance/electro 9%
5. Indie 8%
6. Rock (not inc progressive rock) 8%
7. Jazz 5%
8. Classical (not inc chamber/piano music) 5%
9. Blues 4%
10. Opera 4%
11. Progressive Rock 4%
12. Metal (e.g. thrash) 4%
13. Religious/Spiritual (e.g. hymns) 3%
14. Meditation 3%
15. Country 3%
16. Chamber/Piano music 2%
17. Folk 2%
18. World 2%
19. Musicals 1%

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