Mr Mek drops “The Huddy Bolly Collective”

By teckzilla Word Is Bond

Kansas City emcee Mr. Mek takes into his thought process as he traverses the hip-hop climate in his EP “The Huddy Bolly Collective”. Mr. Mek, put his soul and passion on display in “The Huddy Bolly Collective” with no guest verses on the project, Mek relates to your doubts and insecurities, but he’s calling upon us to push past our mistakes and fears and conquer the world that’s ours for the taking.

The six track EP, hits you quickly, however, Mek takes through the many stages of being an artist and the conflicting thoughts that go with chasing any passion. Mek storms through confidently on “Music Is Alive”, Mek is here for the people, here for a greater purpose, ready to take on the world. “Do You Come Here Often” has Mek wallowing in his doubts, unsure of his next move, the doubt crippling him from pursuing this music. As with all bad things though, this storm also passes and has our hero emerging from the ashes ready to take on the forthcoming challenges.


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