Moneybagg Yo Is Pharrell's Favorite Rapper

Moneybagg Yo appears to be on the verge of his biggest year yet, having recently teased the forthcoming arrival of his new studio album. In fact, he previously declared his fourth project to be “one hundred percent done,” though he neglected to shine a light on the release date. Either way, all eyes are currently watching the Memphis heavyweight, including none other than the legendary Pharrell Williams, who recently hit Bagg with an incredible co-sign.

Moneybagg Yo

Thaddaeus McAdams /FilmMagic/Getty Images

When asked about the current artists he’s enjoying these days, Pharrell begins by naming collaborators like Tyler, The Creator and Lil Uzi Vert before circling over to Moneybagg. “Moneybagg is my favorite, favorite, favorite, right now,” reveals Skateboard P, a claim that soon caught Bagg’s attention. “Real Goat Stamped My Life Its Up,” celebrates the rapper, responding to the clip and clearly flattered by P’s assessment. 

As for what it is about Moneybagg that resonates so deeply with the Neptunes hitmaker, Pharrell elaborates. “Moneybagg Yo, to me, is like the pocket finder,” he praises, before firing off a dad-joke for the ages. “Whenever he decides that he doesn’t want to rap anymore, he should go into denim — because he has so many pockets. His pockets, fuck! His nickname should be fuckin’ Denim! He has so many fuckin’ pockets. Moneybagg Yo is something else.”

 Though his production style has certainly changed up over the years, if Pharrell and Chad Hugo could bless Moneybagg Yo with something as ice-cold as “What Happened To That Boy,” the rap game would have reason to rejoice. Check out the clip of Pharrel’s Moneybagg Yo assessment below, and sound off if you’d be eager to hear the pair connect for a collaboration.

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