Method Man Links Up With His Son On 2nd Generation Wu's "New Generation" Remix

ODB once declared that Wu-Tang was for the children. Of course, this isn’t anything new, especially as Young Dirty Bastard carries the torch for his father. However, the Wu-Tang Clan family tree itself is quite extensive, especially now that the kids of the original Wu-Tang Clan members have joined forces to form 2nd Generation Wu. 

Today, 2nd Generation Wu returned with the remix to their song “New Generation” featuring Method Man. 2nd Generation includes Meth’s son Pxwer who admitted his father “bodied” him.

“It’s dope to work with my pops,” PXWER told HipHopDX. “It’s like a dream come true to be honest. I knew he was gonna body me, but it’s whatever. Not many up and coming artists can say they worked with a Hip Hop legend like Method Man.”

Quotable Lyrics
This ain’t rap, this is black magic
Back on that package
Two straps on ’em like backpackers
Now, back to rappers
You backstabbers, right back at ya

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