Meek Mill's Rumored Girlfriend Questions Why He's Quoting The Weeknd

For months, Meek Mill and Milano Di Rouge, a clothing designer, have been rumored to be seeing each other, taking joint vacations and appearing to be fully coupled up. The Philadelphia rapper is being pretty sneaky when it comes to his personal life, refusing to share any information about his possible relationship and simply leaving everything up to the imagination of his fans. People are fairly certain and he and Milano are an item and, on his most recent social upload, the woman had something to say in his comments, possibly suggesting once more that they’re dating.

Now, Meek Mill seems like a pretty secure man when it comes to relationships. He yearns for love, publicly wishing for a woman to magically appear in his house and offer to become his wife. A hopeless romantic, the bug may have bitten Meek but, if you’re simply looking at his Insta captions, you wouldn’t be able to tell. The superstar wrote on a new picture: “I’m back to my ways cuz I’m heartless ….. all this money and this pain made me heartless.” If you’ve listened to the new releases from today, you’ll recognize the lines as two lyrics from The Weeknd’s new cut “Heartless” but Milano Di Rouge isn’t quite sure why he’s even using it as a caption.

“Boy You and these captions,” laughed Milano, unsure of what prompted the rapper to use such harsh lyrics in his post. At the end of the day, he was probably just promoting his friend’s new song. However, Milano has questions and we’re sure Meek will need to come up with answers pronto.

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