Masumi's Friday Night Lights Finds Its Groove With "Complex" EP

If in search of a break from your routine rotation, look no further than alternative R&b offering Friday Night Lights. Consisting of singer Masumi and rotation of collaborator, the Japanese group has now unleashed its Complex EP. It makes for an experimental display of influence plucked from around the world.

“The personal concept for this EP was expressing my journey to finding who I truly am, through discovering emotions that I have long avoided, uncovering memories and thoughts that were silently stowed away, and collecting pieces of my past,” Masumi tells Complex. “I openly wrote about the highlights of my life, as well as times when I wanted to escape and hide from everything – because these moments are all important to me, for me to be able to love and accept who I am. I would be honored if this EP becomes a soundtrack for someone’s life — for the emotions, thoughts, and the little things that make life what it is.”

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