Martha Stewart Is Leaving Drunk Comments On IG Because Quarantine

Martha Stewart maintains a certain cache in the hip-hop world, after all, the once squeaky clean recipe and lifestyle queen went to jail for insider trading, and since that time, has collaborated with rappers like Snoop Dogg, seemingly striking up a genuine friendship too. Snoop and Martha have maintained their unique friendship every since the two shared a cooking show together, with Snoop even vouching for Martha’s street cred in the past.

martha stewart drunk ig comments
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Martha Stewart has been in the news for her Instagram antics in the past, and today she’s gone viral once again thanks to a comment she left on an unsuspecting Instagram post. She realized her mistake and quickly doubled back to the post, leaving a follow up comment. As the Instagram page Comments by Celebs caught, Martha Stewart came across an IG post showcasing a bunch of cute chicks from the account Best Little Hen House, which documents a group of hens living in Texas. The account’s video post was captioned, “It’s remarkable how fast these chicks turn into chickens; it took less than 2 weeks for them outgrow their brooder and we had to move them to larger digs. Good thing too, because round 2 of chicks will be arriving just in time for Easter.”

When Stewart saw the post, two days later, she left a hard-to-decipher comment: “M as me sure you feed and wAter them daily And keep the heat lss as no BK in s as Nd when you can finally come back to nyc who is going to care for them??” 

Clearly, she saw her comment once she sobered up and was dismayed (or laughing at herself), as she followed up her nonsense comment with a laughing emoji and: “What a mess. I have been drinking.” So there you have it, from the lady herself.

Check out the interaction in the post below. Have you been getting your quarantine day-time drinking on?

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