Marlon Wayans' Netflix Movie "Sextuplets" Drops First Trailer

The first trailer for Marlon Wayans’ new Netflix film Sextuplets is here, flaunting Wayans in six different roles, each a long lost sibling. The main protagonist appears to be Alan, the straight man to each of Wayans’ other eccentric characters in the movie.  Wayans will also play Alan’s sister, Dawn, an exotic dancer he finds behind bars. Dawn seems to be released and accompanies Alan on his journey soon into their meeting.

Also featured prominently in the trailer is Russell. Russell appears to be an oddball delivery man who helps Alan find the rest of the gang. The trailer also shows Ethan, Baby Pete, and Jasper but we’ll have to wait to find out more specific details about their characters. The roles above give off a good idea of what type of humor and style the movie will have. Michael Tiddes, the director of Wayans’ other films A Haunted House and Naked will be behind the camera here as well.

You’ll be able to find Sextuplets through Netflix on August 16th.

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