Manny Maserati is the proverbial “Black Rose”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Emerging emcee Manny Maserati‘s newest release “Black Rose” is a semi-autobiographical account of his upbring and life experiences over smooth solemn textures. Armed with a focused and edgy delivery and engaging flow, Maserati dives into a plethora of issues that affect urban areas ranging from poverty, urban structural decay and lack of opportunities.

The first verses focus on his own challenges from coming out of a poor background where life was tough and rough. He dives into how his mother was sacrificing all she had while also giving part of her income to the church, this also added to the dilemma as he sees the hardship but no aid was forthcoming so he had to do what was needed to make that extra income. On the second verse, he breaks down how the immediate environment can easily change one’s mindset for there are many traps set to ensure one’s certain failure. He brings the listener close to the mix as he gives accounts of those who inevitably lost their wits and went down the wrong path while he stayed solid to his foundation in order to etch his name in the annals of history.

“Black Rose” is far from being sob story but it surely points out all the dynamics that make things a tad bit crazy from where he is from but with the right amount of will power and determination, one can always overcome the hurdles.

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