Mandy Moore Had Never Been Hit On By A Stranger Before Billy On The Street WHAT??

Mandy Moore experienced a first thanks to Billy Eichner.

As you surely saw, Miz Moore and her This Is Us costars hit the streets of NYC alongside the TruTV comedian for an episode of Billy On The Street. While the appearance was certainly a memorable one for fans, it seems as though the Princess Diaries alum will always remember the gig too. Why??

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Well, apparently, when Mandy was asked out by a pedestrian on the show, it was the first time a stranger had EVER asked her out. While the Tangled actress was forced to decline the invitation, as she is dating Dawes musician Taylor Goldsmith, she was incredibly “flattered” by the gesture.

Mandy dished to Entertainment Tonight:

“I was so happy to finally get to be a part of [Billy on the Street] and I’ve never been asked out before by a stranger like that. That was a whole new experience for me, so I told my boyfriend afterwards because I was really flattered.”

Mind blown. We mean, Moore was a teen pop star. How did NO ONE ask her out before this segment??

Regardless, the TV starlet seems pretty grateful for the experience as she concluded:

“I checked that off the bucket list. Thanks, Billy. Thanks, Brian, actually. Brian was the guy’s name.

We’re just glad she had fun! P.S. Be sure to ch-ch-check out Mandy’s recent musical performance from a “For Your Consideration” event in Los Angeles (below) — ENJOY!

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