M.I.A. Clarifies Anti-Vaxx Comments: "I'm Not Against Vaccines"

After getting an onslaught of criticism online and in the media, M.I.A. is backtracking on her recent comments about vaccines. The topic of conversation every day, almost all day, is COVID-19. Tens of millions of people are under “Stay At Home” orders by their respective governments as researchers attempt to find a cure for coronavirus. Last week, M.I.A. took to her Twitter to share that she’d rather see the grave than use a vaccine.

M.I.A. Vaccine
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

If I have to choose the vaccine or chip I’m gonna choose death,” she tweeted. M.I.A. followed up her ominous anti-vaxx statement encouraging her followers, telling them not to live in fear. On Friday (April 3), the rapper returned to clarify her true feelings about vaccinations as she explained that she’s not anti-vaxx at all.

“I’m not against vaccines. I’m against companies who care more for profit then humans,” M.I.A. tweeted to a Twitter user. “I care for better track record that proves this. I care that African countries are not always the testing ground. I don’t want it coming from banks / tech /hedge fund sector and I want a choice.” Check out her original tweet and her follow-up below. Would you reject vaccination for COVID-19 if you contracted the virus and there was a cure?

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