"Love & Hip Hop" Stars A1 Bentley & Tokyo Vanity Argue, He Calls Her "Fatty Labelle"

The premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s sixth season went down on Monday evening and already producer A1 Bentley is starting off with a bang. Prior to the episode, A1 sat down with VH1 and gave a bizarre interview where he claimed that people were plotting against him. “I wouldn’t say fame gets in the way of me being there for my family,” he said. “Maybe my family get in the way of me being famous.”

He added that he’s been accused of “being Hollywood” and has become a “target,” but others have said that A1 cheated on his wife with Summer Bunni—the woman who admitted to sleeping with Offset during his marriage to Cardi B. A1 denied he even knows her, but Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked pulled out video receipts showing that may not be the truth.

Throughout his interview, A1 rambles about random things related to his fame, leaving viewers a tad baffled if it was all for the cameras. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Tokyo Vanity commented on the Instagram video by writing, “Boy wdf 🥴😂.” A1 didn’t appreciate her response so he told her, “@tokyoxvanity Fatty Labelle chill out.”

Let’s just say that Tokyo didn’t hold back in her follow up. “Now A1 if you don’t get yo RICK James dresses ass on … you must have hit a bad bag of that Dope with yo broke TY DOLLA $ LOOKIN ASS,” she wrote. “B**ch I ain’t even cut up on you in the comments and yo Aretha franklin lookin ass come on here trying to go hard … b*tch on here lookin like a divorced auntie but talmbout me . Wash yo hands b4 you go in my pot dressed ass… boy you shaped like a melted snickers but on here talmbout me . All that fake a** jewelry on yo skin gonna turn the same color as that cheap ass jacket swifter duster lookin ass @a1bentley and b*tch you had lipo bye queen.”

They could have left it there, but he shared an image of Tokyo and called her Precious and went after any weight-related insult one could come up with. Watch A1’s interesting interview below.

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