Logan Pauls mom asks fans to share how he inspired or saved them




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Despite the neverending YouTube controversies generated by Logan Paul and Jake Paul, their fans are still determined to support the brothers.

Logan’s suicide forest video, in which he filmed and posted a video of an apparently dead body, has reverberated around the internet for days. Jake has been embroiled in controversy because of an inappropriate clickbait headline and thumbnail and for rapping the N-word twice in a newly surfaced video.

Logan has apologized twice and has taken a break from vlogging as the controversy continues unabated, and in his apology video—which has been viewed more than 29 million times as of this writing—he asked his fans not to defend his actions because “they do not deserve to be defended.”

But when the Twitter account purportedly run by his mother, Pam Stepnick, asked for support, she got hundreds of responses from the LoGang.

Here are a few responses, including one from a fan who credits Logan with keeping her alive and another who worries how she’s going to feel when he doesn’t vlog on a daily basis.

Others showed their support almost immediately after the video was posted.

Not everybody, though, took Stepnick’s suggestion and shared an inspirational story about her sons.

Still, his fans are forgiving.

Since the video was posted, Logan has gained about 250,000 new YouTube subscribers in the last five days, according to YouTube analytics site Social Blade.

It’s unclear when or if Logan will return to social media, though it’s likely a matter of when and not if. And when he does, it’s a good bet that the vast majority of his 15.4 million subscribers will be excited to see what he posts next.

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